History of the name

The name of the company derives from a Bavarian gentleman Johan Ludwig Pollach who acted as a director for the Russian-Bavarian Brewery Co, the third largest brewery in Imperial Russia. It was founded in St. Petersburg 1863 by bankers from his hometown Munich, pre-war Germany. After the Russian revolution broke up in 1917 the boarders were closed for foreigners and Mr Pollach together with his Finnish wife Aino Lehtiö fled 1920 to her home village Punkalaidun, Finland and further 1923 to Germany only to face their far too early deaths.
The story of the Bavarian Brewery continues in St. Petersburg. It has included co-operation with the international Inbew Group. The collapse of the Soviet Union with the present development in Russia has made it possible for the private investors yet again to lay interests towards the brewery of which future is to be seen. J. L. Pollach Ltd is the sole owner of the Russian-Bavarian Brewery Co –trademark in Finland.

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J. L. Pollach Oy (S.a.) on yksityisen perherahaston omistama sijoitus- ja hallinnointiyhtiö.